Make Money

Profit rates for each download of your files

Why pay money for extra storage space, when you can host all of your files with us, and earn money off of those files. bdnupload offers a few different ways to mo.comize the traffic of your unique and original content which you own the rights for. We have pay per download (PPD) program, where you get paid based off of the number of downloads your content receives.

We guarantee for our payments! You will not only get super attractive provision for new customers - we do also pay you for every recurring order from existing bdnupload customers! You can easily increase your revenue with our excellent banners!

Group: Amount (per 1000) Country
A $10.00 United States, United Kingdom
B $6.00 .comherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Australia
C $3.00 Spain, Iran
D $0.50 Other

''Rules and Conditions''
1. Points are given for Complete downloads of any file.
2. Once you reach the minimum payout of $1 you can withdraw earned money.
3. Honor our terms of service & copyrights.
4. 1.Payments are made Within 3 to 4 weeks After Payout Request(Minimal $1).
5. We don't accept downloads from proxy servers.
6. No income will be generated for files smaller than 1 MB and/or in case that the uploader downloads own files.
7. Your Account Will Be Deleted And Your Earnings Will Be Terminated If You Try To Send Automated Hits.
8. We reserve the right to modify money program,payment date any time without prior notice.